This Old Man with array

//create global array place holds all the places
place = new Array(
  "on my thumb",
  "on my shoe",
  "on my knee"

function main(){
  //this old man using arrays

  for (verseNum = 1; verseNum < place.length; verseNum++){
  } // end for loop

} // end main

function chorus(){
  // the chorus function is largely unchanged
  // except it now returns the chorus as a result

  var theSong = "..with a knick-knack \n";
  theSong += "paddy-whack\n";
  theSong += "give a dog a bone...\n";
  theSong += "\n This old man came rolling home \n";
  return theSong;
} // end chorus

function verse(verseNum){
  // I re-wrote the verse function
  // replacing if statements with the array

  var theSong = "This old man, \n";
  theSong += "He played ";
  theSong += verseNum + ". \n";
  theSong += "He played knick-knack \n";
  theSong += place[verseNum];
  return theSong;
} // end verse

Andy Harris